Saturday, April 23, 2011

4.23.2011, FTW

1) Had a good run yesterday morning. Saw a four-foot-long water snake on the Trinity Trail. Both of us were just passing through, but it still gave me the willies. Not his fault, poor bastard. The Park & Rec guys were sprucing up the park for Mayfest. I particularly like the way they turn off the water fountains, forcing folks to pay concession prices to stay hydrated.

2) Helped an old gentleman at work who was clearly suffering some memory loss. Funny how all these visibly impaired old folks become my parents in my head. Perhaps it's because I've been reading Tom DeBaggio's When It Gets Dark.

3) The Ron Asheton tribute in Ann Arbor was by all accounts a tremendous event. Several netbuds of mine were in attendance. I need to catch up with a couple of 'em to get their impressions, and one of 'em promised to send me his recording of the show. Jim Jarmusch was there with a crew filming for his Stooges documentary. I cried the first time I listened to the new song Iggy and James wrote for Ron, but then again, I'm getting old and soft in the head. The second time, I flashed on Reed and Cale's Songs for Drella and realized that Ron let Jim become Iggy in the same way that Andy let Lou become what he could be. Glad that Iggy realizes it too. The orchestra seems like a bad idea. I'm waiting to hear the four songs they played with the Stooges with Deniz Tek on guitar. Wondering if DT might be getting groomed to step in at whatever point Williamson gets tired of it and steps out.

4) Hickey's new JATSDFM single is the best thing he's done since A to E are Ex, Why, and Z, and the realization of his rock bands' promise. I will tell him so to his face when we gather at Mr. Horn's for turkey burgers and music this evening.


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