Friday, April 15, 2011

4.15.2011, FTW

1) Reading When It Gets Dark, Tom DeBaggio's second volume of post-Alzheimer's-onset autobiography. It wouldn't seem possible, but I think that his writing actually got sharper and more poignant as his disease process progressed.

2) Hard to believe it's ten years since Joey Ramone checked out. Almost as hard as it is to believe that 3/4 of the original band have shuffled off this mortal coil. Sure, the Dictators got there first, with a major label contract and the same obsessions with junk culture, pop songcraft, and metal sonics, but the Ramones almost instinctively put it together with more iconic flair and distilled the thing down to its very essence. Who'd ever have guessed that it'd last 20 years? It's just a pity they wound up hating each other's guts. Still, _everybody_ must own Ramones Mania (at the very least) -- even my big sis. Here's my very favorite song of theirs, "Outsider," sung by Joey, who truly was, but managed to make his mark anyway.

3) So for the 5.14.2011 Arts Goggle shindig at Landers Machine Shop, HIO is going to be collaborating with Denton's Big Rig Dance Collective, whose performance we inadvertently witnessed while getting our drank on at Hooligan's in little d's courthouse square after recording with Michael Briggs a couple of weekends ago. They scared the bejeezus out of T. Horn by running at us while he and I were walking to the car, planting the idea of working with dancers in his head. We reached out (in a generic kind of way) via Facebook and they wound up responding. Had drinkie-talkie with their braintrust at formerly fonky Fred's the other night, and they appear to be a crew we could mesh with (and steal lots of ideas from). Not sure exactly what we're going to be doing for _our_ part of the gig, but it's already guaranteed to be more visually compelling than watching us staring at our feet.


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