Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HIO update

Here's T. Horn's extremely lo-fi camcorder recording of what we played Sunday night at 1919 Hemphill, perhaps partly inspahrd by listening to the Sun Ra that someone was playing downstairs before we hit. We played last, and our performance was witnessed by Justin Roberts from Giddy-Up Nailbiter, who booked the gig, and the door cat, whose name I didn't catch. Almost like the last days of PFFFFT!, except we aren't throwing in the towel. Yet.

Add Apollo 18 from Seoul to the list of great bands I've heard play phenomenal sets to the door guy, the sound guy, the other band(s), and three civilians, although in their case there was a big Korean family (probably friends/relatives of one of the band guys) present. They did a great job of transferring their arena rock spectacle to the smaller confines of 1919, in spite of the guitarist's Orange amp shitting out (and thanks to the guitarist from Spacebeach for lending his Marshall top to the cause). Apollo 18 cats have a strong mastery of dynamics, particularly on a Morricone-like instrumental, and a funky one where the guitarist sat down to play because it was "tricky" (according to the bassplayer). "Thank you, kamsahamnida."

This Saturday, we're heading up to Denton to eat whateverthehell there is to eat within proximity of the square that isn't J&J's Pizza or the cafe where my sweetie 'n' I ate once, scour Recycled for old Black Saint CDs, and record with Michael Briggs for the Violitionist Sessions.


Anonymous jamie shipman said...

That sucks no one else was there... I've been meaning to come check you guys out again soon!

2:35 PM  

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