Friday, February 11, 2011

The New Vulgate

Wouldn't you know, ex-SST Records insider and Rock and the Pop Narcotic scribe Joe Carducci is out there in the blogosphere with The New Vulgate, a compendium of original and found artifacts on a variety of subjects including politics, culcha, and (of course) music that he co-edits with Chris Collins. See Issue #75 (you gotta scroll down) for typically insightful commentary on Saint Vitus, or Issue #78 (ditto) for "Pirates - Yankees Game 7, October 1969," a rumination on, among other things, the Italo-American immigrant experience, Alzheimer's, and an iconic ballgame. Once you do, you're gonna want to send them an email at newvulgate[at] with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Scrawl like this is too good to miss.


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