Thursday, February 17, 2011

Iggy had nothing on John Lennon

Before "All You Need Is Love," there was this (from The New Vulgate #85):

I remember one gig the Beatles had at the Cavern. It was just after they got Brian Epstein as their manager. Everyone in Liverpool knew that Epstein was gay, and some kid in the audience screamed, "John Lennon's a fucking queer!" And John -- who never worse his glasses on stage -- put his guitar down and went into the crowd, shouting "Who said that?" So this kid says, "I fucking did." John went after him and BAM, gave him the Liverpool kiss, sticking the nut on him -- twice! And the kid went down in a mass of blood, snot and teeth. Then John got back on the stage. "Anybody else?" he asked.

(Lemmy Kilmister, White Line Fever, Citadel)


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Wouldn't doubt if Lemmy was also present at Irving Berlin's first performance...

12:36 PM  
Anonymous katboy said...

Well, he DID end up with that weird Japanese guy....

1:49 PM  

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