Monday, January 31, 2011

The new "Razorcake" is here! The new "Razorcake" is here!

Arab-influenced U.S. band the Red Dons and Lawn Guyland punxxx the Rations on the cover, plus Wyn Davis, owner of the studio where many crucial SST releases were recorded (he walks in on Spot and Husker Du crashed out in the studio during the marathon Zen Arcade sessions: "Spot lifted his head and said through the talkback, 'Okay, guys, let's go.' Husker Du just started playing and began recording immediately. It was like Spot had turned their switches on.") and a pragmatic guide to starting a DIY label. Plus more rekkid reviews than anyone this side of The Big Takeover, including an enthusiastic one of 1919 Hemphill volunteer Al Rios' band Genius Party's Uncomplicated Songs About Complicated Issues. Yeah! Pick one up at 1919 or hit 'em up at


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