Sunday, January 16, 2011

The linkage between my two bands

Ron Asheton in Please Kill Me:

We invented some instruments that we used at that first show. We had a blender with a little bit of water in it and put a mike right down in it, and just turned it on. We played that for like fifteen minutes before we went onstage. It was a great sound, especially going through the PA, all cranked up. Then we had a washboard with contact mikes. So Iggy would put on golf shoes and get no the washboard and he would just kind of shuffle around. We had contact mikes on the fifty-gallon oil drums that Scotty played, and he used two hammers as drumsticks. I even borrowed my ma's vacuum cleaner because it sounded like a jet engine. I always loved jet airplanes. VVVVVRRRRR!


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