Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dom Mariani @ SXSW

Never say never again: After swearing I'd never do SXSW again, I learned that sterling Aussie power pop maestro and Italian kid lookalike Dom Mariani is playing there again this year. (Evidently he did last year, too, but I wasn't Facebook buddies with him then.) If I can find out the no-fooling dates/venues, my sweetie (who'll be on Spring Break then) 'n' I might be heading down there to see him -- particularly if he's playing any unaffiliated shows/day parties (which are always better than the "real" shows). Dom graciously allowed my sweetie to use his Stems signature song "At First Sight" in her professional presentation. Seems like too much of a perfect storm to pass up.

ADDENDUM: Dom sends these dates --

Hole in the Wall (The Swollen Circus) Tues, March 14,
US Arts Authority (International Psych-Out) Thurs 16
Habana Calle 6 (Get Hip Showcase) & Maggie Mae's (The Aussie BBQ) Sat 19

Have to wait to see the "official" sked to see which ones are unafilliated (although my FB pal Wig sez we can probably pay to get into the Get Hip thing). Plus there may be other shows added.


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