Thursday, January 06, 2011

1.6.2011, FTW

Me 'n' Terry rappin' about HIO's The Hannah Montana Remixes, Disc 2, which Hickey just dropped on us yesterday. We used three recording devices, so as Terry sez, we have three different albums to enjoy. We played for 40 minutes, ran out of steam, then picked up again and played for another 20 minutes.

Me: Hickey's instruments recorded better on his phone. I like all the slide he was playing on that [cigarbox guitar].

Terry: Yeah, I did too.

Me: Also dig the way he follows me percussively when I'm playing all that 3/4 shit against the drone. [Terry deployed a "Buddha machine" for part of the sesh.] We seem to do better at letting ideas develop when there isn't an audience. Last [show at Landers Machine Shop was] an exception.

Terry: Hopefully, this next Landers show [May 14th, for Arts Goggle] will be good too.

Me: Yeah, I really like Hickey's percussion. Now it's percussion samples/kalimba/random CBG notes. It sounds like aborigines jamming with a pinball machine.

Terry: So I may continue with the electronic noodling on top or behind you two guys' acoustic stuff.

Me: Yes, that worked well -- nice juxtaposition. Hickey playing his plastic didgeridoo over kalimba played with mallets.

Terry: Yeah, my favorite parts of the other recordings was when ya'll we're doing the mallet/didge thing and my little radio part. Well, the ending was nice with the toys.

Me: The radio stuff was great, and the toys. The [toy] turtle recorded better on Hickey's phone. I liked the dueling toy guitars, too. Hickey and I play toy guitars like we play real guitars.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Oh, stop it! You're making my physically fat head also psychologically fat...

I think the recording was proof that we click no matter what tools (minds out of the gutter, please. Or is it just me... ) we have in hand at the time.

Definitely good to change things up. It's a core factor of HIO.

9:44 AM  

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