Thursday, December 09, 2010

The millennial decade bites the dust... ADDENDUM

Looking back over a tentative end o' decade list I compiled awhile back, I couldn't believe I forgot these gooduns. Starting in 2006, with Marcus Lawyer's Top Secret...Shhh project, a nice snapshot of a certain moment in Fort Worth music history that I was privileged to participate in. Doc's Records has a copy of this on the wall for a C-note, if anybody dares...

From 2005, Jack Rose's Kensington Blues, my favorite solo guitar record since Bola Sete's Ocean. R.I.P.

From 2002, Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros' Streetcore. My favorite solo work by the righteous ex-Clash frontguy, and also the first gift I gave my sweetie. Also R.I.P.

Last but not least, can't forget the Hochimen's debut Totenlieder, which I might actually dig even more than its successor that I listed for 2006. No vid on thatun, so here's Reggie Rueffer yakkin' and sangin' a Spot song at a benefit for a late friend back in June. Thanks to Nick Girgenti and Frank Logan for pulling my coat to Reggie (and Woodeye) back when we were sweating it out in that piece-of-shit rehearsal spot on Craig Street ca. Y2K.


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