Monday, December 13, 2010

Git-tar players

1) Michael Rudden: My idol, my best friend, my nemesis. You're still with me every time I pick up a gtr, and I owe you more than I can ever repay.

2) Jimi Hendrix: The water I grew up swimming in.

3) Jeff Beck: From brilliant-but-erratic to Zen master. The trick is to stay alive.

4) Pete Townshend: This is cheating, because you're really a songwriter first, but the combination of angry and goofy in your stage persona helped shape me as much as all the yelling and feedback on the first MC5 album.

5) Ron Asheton: Forget Iggy. I want to be the kid in the shades with the Go-Kart T-shirt.

6) Frank Zappa: All cerebrum, but what a tone.

7) Eddie Hazel: All heart, but what a tone.

8) Sonny Sharrock: Ask the Ages made me believe in the electric guitar again ca. '91.

9) Greg Allen: When I was sitting in with Tiny & the Kingpins back in '97 and stinking it up big, you came up to me afterwards and said, "BUDDY GUY!" Thank you, sir.

10 Michio Kurihara: Rainbow made me believe in the electric guitar again ca. '08.


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