Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ed Kuepper

Revisiting more music I discovered back when I was a reg'lar contributor to the I-94 Bar. East German-born Ed Kuepper was the original guitarist in the Saints when they exploded out of Brisbane ca. '74 and invented Aussie punk along with Radio Birdman. It's quite a leap from the single-minded thrashing maniac of the Saints' 1977 Paddington Hall show (you can Youtube it) to these more, uh, sensitive and mature works. But it's also a gas to follow the trajectory of a lengthy and productive career I didn't even realize existed until a few years ago.

ADDENDUM: If you want to hear Ed the relentless guitar basher, download Live, Vol. 10 a pretty good 1991 audience recording of his post-Saints outfit the Aints, released on his live-bootleg label Prince Melon via iTunes and Amazon, among other usual suspects. They pummel the Saints catalog into submission pretty well.


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