Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beefheart mixtape

1) "Alice in Blunderland" (from The Spotlight Kid): The guitar solo, by Elliot Ingber aka Winged Eel Fingerling -- the one muso Don ever allowed to extemporize -- sounds like the end of the world. Seeing my college roommate play this song with his band from home in 1975 changed my life.

2) "Kandy Korn" (from Mirror Man): As I wrote earlier, this was easier to hear in this extended version than the original Strictly Personal one. It's just dumbo psychedelia with a nice jam section that features descending chords in waltz time, but oozing atmosphere. "Be reborn."

3) "Click Clack" (from The Spotlight Kid): Don's version of train music.

4) "Grow Fins" (from The Spotlight Kid): When I was an NCO Academy instructor, I used to play the harp intro to this to wake up the sleepy students if I had to lecture first thing in the morning or right after lunch. It always did the trick, but somebody kept stealing my harps.

5) "Electricity" (from Safe As Milk): Country blues meets psychedelia, complete with theremin.

6) "Abba Zabba"(from Safe As Milk): Almost Chinese, huh?

7) "Peon" (from Lick My Decals Off, Baby): Pure beauty, and as the Nervebreakers' Mike Haskins says, "musical telepathy."

8) "My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains" (from Clear Spot): Of all things, a love song.

9) "Bat Chain Puller" (from Shiny Beast): More train music. A hypnotic highlight of the shows I saw in '76.

10) "Suction Print" (from Shiny Beast): A favorite from loads of live audience tapes, the Magic Band opened with this both times I saw 'em.


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Get "Doctor Dark" in there somewhere and that list'll be perfect!

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