Saturday, December 25, 2010

12.25.2010, FTW

Enjoyed big English brekkie and Avengers marathon with Hickey, got to see one of my kids and two of my grandkids for a minute, spoke to my sister-in-law, big sis and ma by telephone. Decided to forego a party invitation after drinking all day long.

Thinking about music stuff for 2011.

1) Wanna find out when the other Stoogeaphiles' other bands are busiest, book five months' worth of shows when they're not, and plan HIO activity around those times. Repeat the process in the summertime. My goal is to spend less time playing rock 'n' roll secretary and more time running and doing outside stuff.

2) Steedo Smith from Shotgun Messenger reached out to me about wanting to do a "dirty blues" project a la Animals. Would be cool, since Steedo's a great singer, and it might be a good oppo to play some fingerstyle, open tunings and slide like I do when I'm not playing with anybody.

3) Will Wells and Josh Anderson from One Fingered Fist are plotting a "Christmas album from hell" and solicited my services for same. Could be fun if it happens.

4) One of these days, Will Risinger and I will record together again, and Indian Casino Records will release the compilation for which we recorded a track and I donated a PFFFFT! track.

5) Need to find a time when Frank Cervantez isn't busy with school and 'shed some more Hendrix and Allmans, maybe some Neil Young and Richard Thompson too.


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