Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12.22.2010, FTW

Not exactly the day I wanted, but not a bad day.

While running this morning, it occurred to me how many musicians I dig are now deceased. Last night we watched a Clash documentary without realizing today is Joe Strummer's death anniversary.

Tonight we watched We Jam Econo for d. boon.

Replaced all the preamp tubes in the Twin. It's still farting on some low freqs, so next week when we prac, I'll take it to the spot and try connecting it to Marlin's cabinet. Might have to have James take a look at it after the holidays after all. Marlin has offered me the loan of his amp again. Bless him.

The good news is that now the Twin has that sweet Duane Allman/Steve Hunter tone, which I'll defile with excessive volume and F/X.

I asked for Stoogeaphilia shows and for my sins they gave me three: January 8th at Lola's with The Black Dotz (now up to a five piece, 80% of them ex-Falkon) and Bipolar Express, January 22nd at Mambo's, and February 19th at Sunshine Bar in Arlington with Magnus. Still have to talk to the fellas about 1919 and Landers Machine Shop, and see if Ray has had any luck hooking up the Grotto with Hanna Barbarians.

HIO remains on hiatus. We had to cancel a planned recording session at Marty Leonard Chapel because T. Horn was unsure of his return time from Montgomery. Planning some spatial performances/recordings, but out next scheduled show isn't until May (Arts Goggle at Landers Machine Shop).

My plan for 2011 is to spend less time Facebooking/rock 'n' roll secretary-ing and more time pounding the pavement. Got to see if I can stick around to see my grandkids graduate from college. Hickey and I discussed making a three-mile run mandatory before all HIO recordings/performances.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Not a bad day, indeed. Curious if the problem with the Twin is actually the speaker?

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