Thursday, November 25, 2010


Being of a certain age, I always wonder where kids today go to learn how to play now that the high school dance has a DJ and the number of all ages venues/shows in the clubs seems pretty scanty. (Not like the '60s where there were "teen clubs" in roller rinks and rec centers all over the Metromess, and bands used to play during lunch when I was at middle school in another zip code.) The answer: down at the DIY punk spot, of course.

Tonight, my sweetie, Hickey and I trudged over to 1919 Hemphill to catch Spacebeach, the band led by Torry, one of the volunteers over at 1919. It was a six-band bill, topped by Denton eminence Ryan Thomas Becker, but we were there to see Torry's band after he'd come out to hear the Stoogeband at Mambo's, where he told me and Hembree that he and the two other dudes (Jake - guitar, Tanner - drums) started playing together as high school freshmen in Grapevine "because there was nothing else to do," which sounds like an ideal reason to start a band to me.

Torry's a talented kid -- sings and plays bass well, and has great stage presence, even though his attempts at onstage flash usually resulted in his guitar getting unplugged. He and his buds aren't exactly _dangerous_ live yet -- I kept wanting to tell Jake to turn up, and Tanner doesn't hit very hard for a post-punk drummer -- but there was a nice vibe of them playing to their friends, and one of the great benes of following local music has always been watching bands grow up in public. I'm looking forward to following these guys as they progress.

My sweetie posted some of her pics from the evening on her photo blog. Here are a couple of vids from their first show back in October:

After their set, we cut out to try and get some grub at Taco Heads and hang out with Cara Cassaday at 7th Haven, which didn't eventuate because the taco truck didn't show up tonight and Cassaday was just getting off work as we drove up. So my sweetie headed back to the house to prep for Catsgiving, while Hickey and I wound up cracking each other up at the Bull & Bush, just like always. A good night.


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