Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My scrawl on Easy Action Records

Just received a fat envelope from Easy Action Records, bearing my copies of the interview I did with 1971 Stooges bassist Jimmy Recca and the deluxe CD/DVD package of recordings by White Panther/Rainbow People's Party "house band" the Up.

The former, I'm happy to say after revisiting it today, reads like a real-life Almost Famous with _real_ rockaroll, including tales of partyin' with the Ig, inciting a riot in St. Louis, and hangin' at the Funhouse with Ron after the fall. The action takes place over less than a year, and it's got "movie" written all over it, IMO. (But who would play Jimmy?) It's available from Easy Action for the price of postage. (Free if you buy the You Want My Action box set or Popped Stooge fan package.)

The Up release comes crammed with replica flyers and a booklet with liner notes by your humble chronicler o' events, but not my interview with Up bassist Gary Rasmussen as originally planned. (Maybe I'll have to put that one up online sometime, as it's vanished from the I-94 Bar where it 'riginally ran.) The Up were Detroit teens who came up through the Michigan garage-rock scene and wound up dropping acid with Tim Leary and releasing a split single with Allen Ginsberg. Their music's rough and ready rawk that'll appeal to fans of Blue Cheer, Pink Fairies, Melvins, an' like that. A DVD of Leni Sinclair's non-synced footage of the band and various high times around Ann Arbor is an added plus. All beautifully packaged, as is Easy Action's wont.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Sounds like Christmas came early for someone!

5:41 PM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

Part Christmas, part payday.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Fast Film said...

Don't forget a deluxe new portrait of Jimmy Recca accompanies same.

8:11 PM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

And a damn handsome man he is, too.

4:23 AM  

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