Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11.23.2010, FTW

I asked for a day off to go see my sweetie's doc and for my sins, my boss gave me two days off. So tomorrow night we're gonna go see Torry from 1919 Hemphill's band Space Beach and Ryan Thomas Becker, whom I don't get to see play nearly often enough, at 1919 on a five-band bill that starts at 7pm. Torry sez all the bands have like 20 minute sets, so then we're gonna stop by 7th Haven to sample Taco Heads' fare and have mo' drinks with Cara Cassaday.

Then on Thursday, as is our tradition, we're going to cook our Thanksgiving dinner and consume in on the floor with the cats while watching Frank Zappa's Baby Snakes. Hooray!


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