Saturday, November 20, 2010

11.20.2010, FTW

1) John Rody from Mambo's podcast came in my store yesterday and shopped my section. I sold his companion a liquid iron supplement and him our Mucinex equivalent. I thanked him for having us on the show and he said nice things about the Stoogeband.

2) One of my work peeps who went to the show said it was cool to see me "out of [my] element." I would argue that since I've been playing in bands for 38 years and working at the market for three, she hadn't actually seen me _in_ my element until the other night. But that would be quibbling.

3) The 20something cat from Produce whom I like to talk music with digs the Small Faces, too. He told me he likes to go to "Mod nights" over in Dallas and dance to Otis Redding. Weird in a subcultural/generational way, but also cool.


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