Monday, October 25, 2010

To the reader who wanted to know about the Peter Laughner box set

From Smog Veil's June 2010 newsletter:

Lastly, we've been working tirelessly for 3 years on our Peter Laughner archives and retrospective. The work will finally see the light of day in 2011 as the Peter Laughner LP series debuts in April on Record Store Day. Each LP in the series will feature the best possible audio quality and extensively researched liner notes including never before published photos and amazing interviews. We've tracked down plenty of never before heard recordings, including master reels of secret studio sessions, pristine band rehearsal recordings, and great live recordings. For example, remember that Fins 7-inch that SOL Records released a few years back? We found the master reel for the entire live gig that lent the recording for the 7-inch. It's a barnburner for sure! The series will start, as I said in April, with the release of "The Ann Arbor Tapes", which features Peter as well as Don Harvey, and includes some of the most poignant recordings of Peter's best known material. More news to follow.


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