Monday, October 04, 2010

This Sunday at Doc's Records: The "Three Dimes" Show

"Three Dimes" is the name of a song from Cottonmouth, Texas' 1997 album Anti-Social Butterfly. It also denotes the date of this show: 10.10.10.

Cottonmouth, Texas is the spoken word project of writer, talent buyer, and DJ Jeff Liles. Since the mid-'80s, Liles has been making good things happen in Deep Ellum, L.A., and now Oak Cliff. Under the rubric Decadent Dub Team, he had a song remixed by Dr. Dre for the Colors movie soundtrack in '88. His "Echoes and Reverberations" columns were the most interesting thing on the Dallas Observer blog.

Back in February, he heard HIO play the Tommy Atkins benefit at the Kessler Theater and invited us to come and be documented as part of the ongoing "Resurrecting the Kessler" video series he was shooting. For the shoot, he suggested that Hickey, Terry, and I all play cigarbox guitars. It was a turning point for us. Then he invited us to play the little room at the Kessler during the "Raided X+" art event. That show really solidified what HIO was becoming.

It took a few months after he had the idea of doing a Cottonmouth, Texas performance backed by HIO for him to have a date when he wasn't occupied with Kessler business. We asked him to write a piece called "Exile On Montgomery Street" for the event. We're looking forward to seeing what he came up with.

Kavin Allenson's solo ambient guitar-with-loops project Breaking Light opens. He gots a new album Proto-Sapien you can stream or download for free.


Blogger andrew m. said...

The movie itself ain't so hot, but I love that song (remix) from the film "Colors."

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