Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.9.2010, ftw

last night my sweetie 'n' i
took a walk to flying fish for din-din.
there were khaki uniformed and jackbooted
young men there whom i took for aggies
until later when a fella told me
that tcu played wyoming last night.
i told her, "if one of them starts
singing 'tomorrow belongs to me,'
we're leaving."

on the way home, we stopped at the bull & bush
for a pint and a wine and some quiet talk.
a crew of cyclists rolled up
whom i took for critical mass
but turned out to be a wedding party
which was traversing ftw
via the ginger man, the bull & bush,
and the chat room.
their conversation was pretty interesting.

i belong to two drinking clubs
that are also bands,
and these days i seldom go out --
mainly when i'm playing,
so i try to book shows
with bands i want to hear.
i'm realizing that i don't miss
hanging out in places where lotsa folks
younger than me like to congregate.


Blogger zebtron said...

interesting post ken---
i went to the aardvark friday night with some younger co-workers. hard to enjoy the music because the crowd was so obnoxious.
people falling down drunk, window got broken out in the front of the club, dudes making out in front of us. i'm with you, too old for this nonsense.

4:18 AM  

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