Thursday, October 21, 2010

10.21.2010, ftw

when my oldest daughter used to work for an isp out on highway 80
she used to rescue mice from the glue traps her boss set and set them loose.
she wrote a letter to her boss to convince him to use have-a-heart traps
so she could catch them and release them.

now the house she lives in has a rat infestation problem,
so she put out some traps.
one evening she found a baby rat dead in one of the traps she'd set
and an adult rat lying with its head on the floor nearby.

she said, "it looked so said it made me cry.
i could tell that it was grieving."
the next morning she found the adult rat with its head in a trap
and was convinced that it had committed suicide via mousetrap.

what this tells me is that animals are as predisposed to love
as they are to kill, and that we're no different than they are.
and the only difference
is that we have a choice.


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