Saturday, October 16, 2010

10.15.2010, FTW

Omakase at Tokyo Cafe: Red miso soup with shrimp and mussels, duck hushpuppies with a seasonal salad, four small rolls that were delicate and all very different from each other, roasted shiseido peppers with smoked and regular sea salt, citrus crusted snapper with wasabi mashed potatoes, blackened ribeye with asparagus, and for dessert, lemon mochi, a pocky stick, and chocolate ganache with cherries. Their new chef Kevin (who's trained in a variety of cuisines and paid dues in an impressive array of area country clubs and hotels) is doing some next-level stuff in that kitchen. A perfect way to celebrate seven years of knowing my sweetie, after hurting my back humping gear and opening on two hours of sleep.


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