Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.2010-10.11.2010, FTW

Jeff Liles wasn't able to make it over from Oak Cliff for the "Three Dimes" show. He woke up with a killer migraine and wasn't able to drive. We'll try hooking up with him again in late December. The musical high point of my weekend was accompanying Matt Hickey on plastic ukelele while he sang Hawkwind's "Silver Machine" at the Bull & Bush.

Tonight, after eating dinner and taking out the trash, my sweetie 'n' I chilled out on the couch to listen to the Flaming Lips' Embryonic on sweet, sweet double vinyl -- a ritual (ceremonially listening to a new album, even though this one's a year old) that takes me back to my misspent yoof even more than maintaining my guitars does. I've had a download of the thing since before it came out last year, but we've been listening to it a lot lately and I asked Jenkins from Doc's to order me one before this past weekend's show.

While it's definitely a return to the crazy psych of their Priest Driven Ambulance daze, it's also clearly the work of the same band that made The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi -- has the same sweet, gentle humanity as those later, more mersh records underneath all the crazy Can/'70s Miles-ismo. The secret ingredient, methinks, is Steven Drozd, who didn't join the band until they were signed to Warners and heading towards MTV-land. The American Pink Floyd? I would say yes. And the vinyl lets you hear so much more of what's in those tracks that it ain't even funny. Someday, my sweetie vows, we'll own a tube amplifier.


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