Saturday, September 04, 2010

9.4.2010, ftw

good day off. beautiful weather. took three walks: 1) to doc's to pick up a reish of tom waits' swordfishtrombones to replace our rather distressed one; 2) to curley's with my sweetie for lunch (she: frito pie, me: two hot dogs) and mint chocolate chip custard; and 3) to borders to see if they had the new ish of record collector with my fb pal kris needs' hendrix feature (yeah, right, as if, although i'd swear i've seen that mag in this town _somewhere_). wound up ordering it online. site said my order would be processed manually and i'd hear from 'em in _seven days_. ha!

listening to rubaiyat, a lenny kaye-produced compilation from 1990 (elektra records' 40th anniversary) that featured then-current elektra artists covering songs from the elektra-asylum canon. kevin kunreuther pulled my coat to it, and i found one online. some nice stuff: billy bragg (one of the three artists whose stuff my sweetie wants to collect) covering love's "seven and seven is" (once beloved of ftw's own gideons), the pixies essaying paul butterfield's "born in chicago," kronos quartet's version of television's "marquee moon," ernie isley's take on the cars' "let's go" (their only song i can stand to listen to), teddy pendergrass applying his mojo to bread's "make it with you," bill frisell and wayne horvitz playing a song from dylan's planet waves, the late danny gatton rippin' it up on rhinoceros' "apricot brandy" (which my college band used to play, although i'm sure none of those guys remember it), leaders of the new school jammin' pieces of a dream's "mt. airy groove" (big hit when i was stationed in korea), michael feinstein doing joni mitchell's "both sides now" as covered by judy collins (which our cd player won't play for some reason). shitty versions of songs by mc5 and stooges, too, but overall, pretty snat.

tonight i inventoried our vinyl collection because i keep buying multiple copies of albums by the artists my sweetie wants to collect (besides bragg, that'd be tom waits and elvis costello). fwiw, our top ten artists based on the number of vinyl rekkids of theirs we own (cd's don't count) are as follows:

1 and 2) elvis costello and frank zappa (11)
3 and 4) ornette coleman and the kinks (7)
5 and 6) the clash and doug sahm (6)
7-10) jeff beck, the stooges, tom waits, the who (5)

besides mr. bragg, we've currently got more holes in our waits collection than any of the others. (we're selective -- rather than completist -- obsessives, which makes this a little more affordable.) doc's has a copy of the mule variations 2lp for $40, which will risinger (with whom i'm planning to record some music that nobody else will ever hear) pulled my coat is only $19 on amazon. difficulty: no one ever seems to sell any of waits' island or anti- stuff, so this could take time. just part of the fun.


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