Monday, September 27, 2010

9.25.2010, FTW

What a pleasure it was to share the stage at the Moon with E.T.A. and china kills girls. The Austin band dropped out, which actually made it a perfect bill, for my money. Man for man, E.T.A. is the most exciting band I've seen in a long, long while. It's like each muso is fighting for your undivided attention, and the payoff is more rockaroll thrills per song than the average band. Brooks Holliday can take it from a whisper to a scream and writes smart lyrics to boot. If there's any justice in rockaroll, these guys are gonna be huge.

While china kills girls is still a young band, frontman Johnny Wenger (an incredibly upful, tatted 'n' pierced cat who's been at Mrs. Baird's for 22 years and has served with his wife on the PTA at their daughter's school) already has the stage owning presence of a samurai, and the classic two guitars-bass-drums combo behind him churns with controlled fury. They've got a great set of songs (my faves are "Blue Collar" and "Devil's Handshake") and should be done with their debut CD shortly.

Got to hang with Teague and Hembree a bit before the show. Jon said Pinkish Black is playing a fashion show (!) at the Grotto with Holy Moly (!) on 10.16. It's supposed to be a vampire theme; he and Daron are looking for some sailor suits, he said, "Because us in Hawaiian shirts and leis would still be the darkest thing they've ever seen."

With supports like we had, the li'l Stoogeband had to work our asses off, the way we did when we played after the Dangits at Lola's Stockyards and The Black Dotz at Lola's 6th Street. Clay Stinnett from the Dotz was in the house with his bride, but they had to head back to home in Dallas early, so we opened with "No Fun" at Clay's request. Teague called a toon we hadn't practiced -- "Johanna" -- and I fucked it up because I forgot that the guitar break cycles through the progression six times, not four. Duh. I also had the biggest party foul at Doc's on Matturday when I forgot the C change in "Nonalignment Pact." As Mike Watt would say, "Baka Ken."

I honestly don't remember much else about what we played, except that the sound onstage was terrible (I couldn't hear Johnny Trashpockets' guitar at the start of E.T.A.'s set, so I asked the soundguy to turn it up; a market coworker who was there told me that my guitar was inaudible out front, and I'd turned up, too, once we started). Mainly, we were just feeding off the crowd's energy, as trite as that sounds. Myself, I had Johnny T. from E.T.A. and Jake Norgaard from china kills girls standing immediately to my right, so I felt like I had to put out. Plus Hembree and I would periodically crash into each other and be "The Homos," as is our wont.

Before the show, my sweetie 'n' I had dinner at Fuzzy's Tacos, where I saw a cat I worked with at RadioShack, whom I hadn't seen in eight years until earlier in the week at the market, with his wife and three strapping sons. And another market coworker was there with his daughter. It's like my life is becoming more integrated or something.


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