Sunday, August 08, 2010

rock death

1) the day jimi hendrix died, my mom came and picked me up from middle school; i usually walked home. my ex-best friend, who'd moved upstate the summer before eighth grade, wrote me a letter saying he was sorry that "bobby hendrix" had died.

2) when elvis died, i showed up to open the record store where i worked and found a line of tearful middle-aged folk, waiting to handle precious artifacts like having fun with elvis onstage, the album which consisted in toto of the king's stage patter.

3) the morning after john lennon was murdered, i woke myself up by spilling a glass of water on my head just as my clock radio turned on and i heard npr's announcement of the ex-beatle's death. my future ex-wife came to pick me up to go to work. on the way out of the apartment complex, we noticed that overnight, someone had torched the rental office.

4) when ron asheton of the stooges died, of a heart attack at home, my buddy geoff from philly called and said, "the music's over."


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Do you not remember where you were when Robert Palmer died?!?

Word verification: ponceny

9:55 AM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

The NYT journo? Based on his death-date, probably at work.

4:24 PM  

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