Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jeff Beck @ LuAnn's in Dallas, 7.17.1968

Pssst...hey, kid: Wanna hear the 1968 Jeff Beck Group (Beck-Stewart-Wood-Waller) rippin' it up on Greenville Avenue back in their Truth-era heyday? Go here to download.

ADDENDUM: I could spend days listening to bootlegs of this band (as I could with the '64 Mingus band). The Motown covers on the BBC sessions demonstrate what an R&B outfit they were, a facet that didn't really make it onto either of their albums, and the live stuff reveals that they used to play "Hi Ho Silver Lining" onstage. A lot.


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Thanks. Haven't seen this particular boot before. A good assortment of JB live can be found at:

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