Monday, August 16, 2010

FZ Top Ten

1) Uncle Meat
2) Hot Rats
3) Weasels Ripped My Flesh
4) 200 Motels DVD
5) Dub Room Special DVD
6) Lather
7) Baby Snakes DVD
8) You Are What You Is
9) The Yellow Shark
10) Civilization Phaze III

REVISIONIST HISTORY: As much of a gas as it is to see the live footage of the '74 band in Dub Room Special (including the actual tracks used for two One Size Fits All songs), nothing can ever replace Roxy and Elsewhere for me. And Burnt Weenie Sandwich uses the same distinctive flavors as Hot Rats (Ian Underwood, Sugarcane Harris), adds some doo-wop and Stravinsky, and is a great morning record (woke up this a.m. to FZ's guitar solos on "Theme from Burnt Weenie Sandwich" and "Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown").


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