Saturday, August 07, 2010

8.7.2010, ftw

another day off spent lazing around la casa with my sweetie. almost out of vaca days to burn, and she goes back to work in a couple of weeks, but we're enjoying our summer of slack while we can.

bought some produce from the new public market (for now, in the parking lot of in the garden at the intersection of hulen and camp bowie). then spent a couple of hours going through a stack of cd-r's from the old "lee & carl's invitational jams" at the late, lamented wreck room (chronicled in this blog under the rubric "art of the jam" from 2005-2007). i'd been trying to find 'em for a few weeks so i could burn selected stuff for brock miller, a former jam participant, and today my sweetie remembered seeing them in a box up in the hall closet.

i found the bits i was looking for almost immediately: the 30-minute version of "manic depression" where we played the riff for like 15 minutes before marcus lawyer got frustrated and started playing the form, then cadillac fraf started singing; the version of "maggot brain" with four guitars; and 40 minutes of a trio consisting of lee allen, damien stewart, and myself, with a guy named dax vocalizing for a few minutes. a very mixed experience listening to this stuff. i miss those days, but i like my life now more, and _most_ of the people i knew back then seem to be doing better these days, too.

now listening to five hours of bootleg neil young i got from either frank or kavin, i can't remember which. tomorrow, looking forward to spending some time with old friends and seeing the art educators of north central texas 20th anniversary show, which hangs at fort worth community arts center until 8.30. our friend jodi theodore has a piece hanging. maybe next year terry horn will, too. (he just got a job teaching art at eastern hills high school.)

ADDENDUM: no jodi artwork, but still a cool exhibit. to get our $5 worth for the parking garage, we decided to take in the museum of science and history, too. only $14 _apiece_! but worth it, i suppose. lots of cool interactive stuff for kids. the natural gas propaganda exhibit was a non-snazz aspect, howevah.


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