Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8.31.2010, ftw

speaking of vanity googling: according to google's stats for this site, had 13,000 page views since july, 6700 from the u.s., 3200 from south korea. wtf? if true, glad someone reads the shit besides my wife.

PERSPECTIVE: these aren't uniques, so if one guy clicks 50 times (i'm thinking of you, hickey and mckeever), each one counts as a page view. oh well. "the only wisdom we can hope to attain is the wisdom of humility. humility is endless."

ADDENDUM: worst of all possible scheduling contingencies. sent home at 10:30a and told to return at 5p, thus working all the hours of the day when it's tolerable to be outside. absent inspiration, undertaking an unplanned and pro bono freelance project, and contemplating another very limited edition of wreck room stories, if i can fix the master file and get the production process doped out.

FURTHER ADDENDUM: or maybe not. maybe i don't know where the master disc for the book is. maybe i imagined seeing it. i don't know. i suck as an archivist. feh.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

You'll probably find it once you've forgotten about it... but, just in case, I'll check your blog 5-10 times a day to see if you had posted something about finding the disc.

8:58 AM  

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