Sunday, August 29, 2010

8.28.2010, ftw

lunch yesterday at formerly fonky fred's, with hungover scott copeland and gary grammer on the stand. while it no longer feels like the place we remember, the canopies over the patio are a definite plus, especially when there's no seating inside, and the young couple at the table up front very kindly offered to share their table with us.

it's been kind of disconcerting the last couple of times we've seen scott perform -- he seems to be on every time we go out of the house now, which is indicative of how few gigs we see these days -- that he's become more of a _professional entertainer_ than i'd ever have imagined back when he used to swap songs and jibes with carey wolff at the wreck room.

thankfully, at lunch yesterday, scott was more like his old cussin', audience-baitin' self, and it was nice hearing him play his own songs and covers (dylan, van morrison, townes van zandt) with just gary's harp to accompany him. apparently he just had a record, due for imminent release, produced by a band called the dead horses, and he's got a radio show on 95.9 the ranch on sunday nights at 9pm. good for him.

happy to report that fredburgers with sriracha sauce still taste delicious. best time i've had in "the curmudgeon zone" in awhile.

i like this video because the painting behind scott hangs in my music room now.


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