Saturday, August 21, 2010

8.21.2010, ftw

the other night at the bull & bush, bassist extraordinaire paul unger made the interesting observation that all chords are basically major or minor, and that all polyrhythms, no matter how complex, always refer to a pulse. wish somebody had told me that back when i was trying to learn how to improvise. put that way, it all makes sense.

teague sent the stoogeband a link to download some songs he considers worth playing. i got to hear both sides of a '77 single by the killjoys, a band i'd never heard of before which contributed kevin rowland to dexy's midnight runners. nice to still be able discover something "new" and good from an era i thought i knew something about. also some tunes by NEU! and can that'd be interesting to add to the set, although they're a little different from what we've been playing. interesting to hear what jaki leibzeit does with the "down on the street" beat in "mother sky."


Blogger sultan m said...

holy crow, that tape slowdown thing on Damo and Irmin is brilliant

I'm thinking Damo is somehow running through Irmin at least partially?

conincidentally I'd been listening to hours of Can bootlegs at work when I browsed through to this

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