Sunday, July 25, 2010

7.25.2010, ftw

last night, was planning to go see yells at eels at the kessler, and feeling bummed that i'd miss the nervebreakers playing the hot klub reunion at trees. but when i was walking home from work, the temperature felt the most congenial it had since we've been back from new joisey, and i've been intending to run early in the morning but sleeping in instead, so i opted to forego the show in favor of an evening run, which included watching a beautiful texas sunset and proved to be just what the doctor ordered.

this morning, i ran to barnes & noble on university to get us a sunday nyt (since i didn't have to work until 2pm), but when i got there, b&n was closed, and they don't post their hours. feh. at least it got me out of this seat and onto the street. maybe home delivery would be worthwhile after all, though.

i've been re-reading clinton heylin's babylon's burning, which attempts to recount the entahr history of punk from television to nirvana over 600+ pages. couldn't go the distance, though. it isn't just that ancient scene politics is boring to read about. heylin's condescending about anything american, and i suppose it doesn't help that i could give a rat's ass about "post-punk." a drag, as i enjoyed his from the velvets to the voidoids real much.

much better: current issue of razorcake, which boasts a good billy bragg int and the first part of an in-depth feature on east l.a. punk originators thee undertakers. it'll take me the next six months to read all the record/book/zine reviews. also the new ugly things, which includes the unedited interviews jon savage conducted with ray davies for his 1984 kinks tome, the continuing master's apprentices saga, laurent bigot on the nervebreakers (although i still prefer my own int w/mike, barry, and bob from a decade or so ago), and the patto piece of the ollie halsall story. plus more reviews than you can shake a stick at.

i've been lazy as hell since we got back from new joisey. i have a new clean feed release to review, but i don't feel like writing anything right now. trying to book stoogeprac and fall shows, as well as some HIO action. enjoying spending time with my sweetie and the cats. still have a few people we wanna get together with before the summer's done. and i still have something like six days of vaca to burn from the market, so i have a few more three-day weekends coming up.

apropos of nothing, it's occurred to me that what makes the clash and the who (once the latter got popular) less than snazz is that self-referential songs by/about rock bands kind of suck.


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