Saturday, July 24, 2010

7.24.2010, ftw

in kind of a lull creatively. sleeping in a lot and not running, but not worried about it. it's summer. trying to hustle stoogeshows and set up prac, while psychically preparing myself for the big HIO/underground railroad/the shortest distance throwdown at lola's 6th next friday. tonight we'll be heading to the kessler in oak cliff to catch yells at eels with alvin fielder, sadly having to forego the nervebreakers at the hot klub reunion at trees, but ray and marlin are gonna catch thatun and i told ray to introduce himself to the nb's (two of whom have seen him perform with the li'l stoogeband) and suggest a fort worth show if they're down. meanwhile, i continue burning days of va-ca, with wed-fri off next week. hoping maybe it rains one of those days so i can maybe get to play guitar with frank cervantez. i could get used to this. will get back on the writing tip whenevah. meanwhile, wanna check out the new pho place in the same shopping center as the market. be nice if we had a decent viet/thai joint within walking distance of la casa.


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