Monday, July 12, 2010

7.11-12.2010, dfw, philadelphia and new joisey

1) breakfast at the dfw t.g.i. friday's was $23. a five spot for bacon and eggs, but coffee was $5 a cup and o.j. $2.50 a (big, icy) glass. duh.

2) visibility on final approach sucked and it was a clear day. the air in philly makes my eyes sting.

3) our flight landed 20 minutes early, but we spent over an hour waiting to pick up our rent car _with a reservation_. never using budget rent-a-car again.

4) creepy: the guy on the rent car shuttle that had the psycho shower scene music as his ring tone.

5) stopped at a diner. she had a roast beef sammie that was o.k.; i had a gristly 8 oz. sirloin that tasted like fish at first (i got used to it), came with onion rings, fries, and an eye cup full of coleslaw. later, felt like i got punched in the gut.

6) my big sis has a pile of records for me, including blodwyn pig's ahead rings out, and some more she can't find, as well as a box of my old music books that might have gotten thrown away. wonder what's (or was) in thatun.

7) my mom's recent memory is pretty much non-existent but she seems stronger physically in some regards than when i saw her last year. had a nice visit. brought her some recent pics of our garden. talking about old times helps stimulate convo. will visit her again wednesday, thursday, and before we unass friday.

8) princeton record exchange rules. no ugly things (new ish has a nervebreakers feature as well as a kinks cover story); must cop online when i get home. no sir lord baltimore, raymond scott, or bruce haack (sorry, hickey and terry), but found a lenny breau alb on adelphi and a live trouble funk lp i used to have, as well as david murray's ming.

9) discovered a great indian place called tandoori bite on witherspoon street in princeton. beautiful food (my sweetie took pics!), great service, reasonably priced (and they comped our appetizer). if we lived here, we'd eat there all the time. only been open a coupla months.

10) driving in jersey is still weird but my big sis let us borrow "tom tom," her gps that works better than the one terry had the last time we played in dallas. the thing actually gives you prompts to turn before you have to turn. we'll take it with tomorrow when we head to schenectady, new york, to see my buddy tommy, whom i haven't seen in 30 years.


Anonymous katboy said...

I;ve always wanted to reprogram a GPS driver assistant with positive AND negative computer voice reinforcement prompts:

"Turn left on Oak Street in .. 100 .. feet"

"Good job!"

"Turn right on 4th Avenue in .. 100 feet"

"No, the other right"

"No, the other right"

"No, the other right. Shall I drive?"

"Good job!"

9:16 PM  
Blogger Grubbermeister said...

A bit of a shaky start with the travel but it sounds like a pretty good time once you and Kat got there. Hope the trip continues its positive trajectory!

11:07 PM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

Ha! Nobody's perfect: "Tom-Tom"'s pronounces "left" and "right" indistinguishably, so it's good to have the visual display. Also, it pronounces "Forsgate" so it sounds like "Foreskin," which caused marathon hilarity the first time we heard it.

4:16 AM  
Blogger andrew m. said...

happy trails and a safe return.

6:34 AM  

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