Monday, July 19, 2010

7.19.2010, ftw

my sweetie's b-day today. so happy she was born!

back to running/walking today. travel is so sedentary, i was way overdue. supposed to top out at 99 today, but when i went, there was still a sporadic breeze and some shade, even though it was humid has hell. seems all the schools in the 'hood are having construction done. parking lot at stripling is being resurfaced. ran a good long stretch from the botanic garden to montgomery. hydrated, changed clothes, then dumped greywater and mowed the front. the side yard will have to wait until baz (the partriarch of our feral cat family) isn't napping by the rain barrel.

lunching with mr. horn this arvo, then taking my sweetie to piola for din-din tonight. back to work tom'w, then off thu-fri (working on burning the rest of my vaca). i could get used to this pace.


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