Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sugarcane harris

randy resnick, who played rhythm guitar with don "sugarcane" harris in the band pure food & drug act, maintains this website with pics and audio clips of the great r&b singer-violinist who had r&b hits in the '50s as part of the duo don & dewey (with dewey terry) and contributed to three of fz's best '60s albums (burnt weenie sandwich, weasels ripped my flesh, and hot rats). pf&da was basically dewey, harvey mandel, and john mayall's riddim section. their 1970 epic album is worth seeking out, and includes a version of this beatlesong.


Blogger Dennis Gonzalez said...

I played Chino prison in the mid 80's with (Hugh Masekela's) bassist Henry Franklin, (Horace Tapscott's) saxophonist Michael Sessions and (McCoy Tyner/John McLaughlin's) drummer Sonship. After the concert this guy walks up to me and compliments me on the music. I asked him his name, and he introduced himself as "Sugarcane"..."cool," I thought..."I wonder...nah, can't be..." So on the way back to LA I asked Henry Franklin, "that guy, calls himself 'Sugarcane'..." And Henry says "Yep, that's Sugarcane Harris. He'll be out soon and playing again."

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