Friday, June 04, 2010

6.4.2010, ftw

warmer running in the mornings, but there's still a nice breeze and it's cool in the shade. i'm only in it for the endorphin buzz anyway. not hung up on time distance, but just about the only activity that really makes me lose myself in the moment anymore is playing music: automatically executing the part i learned on six beers while going apeshit in the stoogeband; remembering what i know in a general way about what music is to do something damn near like it with whatever mr. horn brings in HIO.

re-reading guralnick's feel like going home. the opening chapter reminds me of how t. horn says elvis and the beatles "weren't important." while i'm a fan of neither, i don't think you can underestimate their cultural significance -- they were much more than popularizers of others' songs and innovations (from carl perkins and big mama thornton to stockhausen and terry riley). then again, aside from fashion and marketing, how fundamentally different from the eisenhower era is this country in 2010? discuss.

continuing to listen my way through the last two clean feed releases, plus various odds 'n' sods. to review tom'w: double cd of sax-cello-bass trio led by ivo perelman; solo 8-string guitar/bass by elliott sharp; saxophonist ingrid laubrock in trios with drummers tyshawn sorey and tom rainey, pianist kris davis, and _nasty_ guitarist mary halvorson; and a group co-led by altoists rudresh mahanthappa and steve lehman, with guitarist liberty ellman on board. yeah!


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