Thursday, June 03, 2010

6.3.2010, ftw

nice surprise last night: got to see my oldest grandchild, even though she considers everything we have to eat in our house "squeezil." hoping to see her again while she's staying with her aunt.

lightning last night appears to have fucked with the caller id, the landline phone (both of which now have blank displays) and the modem (which is being replaced on the dsl provider's dime).

like having time to run before work. hit the bricks a little later this a.m. than yesterday so had sun in my eyes up to university drive. saw some stripling kids headed for the thomas place rec center. baggin' it? maybe i shouldn't assume based on what i woulda been doing at age 13.

continuing to work my way through the review stack. when i have six winners, i'll blog 'em. (no local angle, so might be a tough sell to the fw weekly. feh.)

bands i wanna hear: china kills girls (whose burrito bene set i missed because i am superannuated and enfeebled) and dragoon (steedo's voxxx with augie's drums -- need i say more?).


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