Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6.30.2010, ftw

i'm the guy that wears the same clothes everyday. it's probably a hangover from being in the military, when the only sartorial decision i had to make on a daily basis was "green or blue?"

these days, my winter uniform is black pants (i haven't owned a pair of bluejeans since ca. 1986), black thermal shirt (who knew they made 'em in black? thanks, jon teague), black band T-shirt and/or dark colored pullover optional, black or athletic shoes. my summer uniform is khaki pants or shorts (i own one pair, which are splattered with paint), white T-shirt or old man undershirt (when i turned 40, i switched from tighty whities and white T-shirts to boxers and old man undershirts, which i refuse to call "wife beaters" for obvious reasons), athletic shoes.

for occasions when a button-down shirt is required, i wear one of the following, depending on the occasion: 1) the baggy brown checkered shirt, 2) the pastel blue shirt aimee bought me to take on the road with nathan brown, or 3) the black velveteen shirt (a.k.a. "the funeral shirt"). i only put shit on my head when it's necessary for protection: knitted watch cap in winter, yellow bandana in summer.

and they say i'm unimaginative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only have about eight different suits a dozen or so dress shirts, slacks, ties, scarfs. Ten hats some felt (winter) straw for the summer. More shoes than a man should own. Sometimes I still can't find anything to wear.

11:48 AM  
Blogger andrew m. said...

what type of belt/suspenders?

2:55 PM  

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