Monday, June 28, 2010

6.27.2010, ftw

played our last stoogeshow of the season for the fw weekly music awards showcase at 7th haven, in the heart of what i suppose is now called the "7th street corridor." saw lotsa folks we know, as well as lots we don't. my sweetie had a seat in the window behind the soundguy and she said it was packed all the way back. i figured we'd clear the room, or at least have crickets 'cos the burning hotels were playing lola's at the same time. different crowds, i guess. missed seeing the dangits because they were across the street at the pour house at the same time we were at the haven.

jimmy moore, who owns the haven, is a real good fella, and cara cassaday who tends bar there is a fave of the stoogeband. (ask jon teague to tell you the "kerry von ehrich dream" story sometime.) teague had just played lola's with pinkish black, and he let hembree and lee allen use tommy atkins' beloved sunn 300T. ray was on the mend from having his spleen out the week before; it didn't seem to affect his performance at all. i was particularly gratified to see blues papa james hinkle watching from the patio behind us, and johnny trashpockets from e.t.a., who we wanna do shows with when we come back in the fall. we played a good set, and my sweetie 'n' i were home not long after the sun set.

today: hello kitty waffles with daughter and granddaughter, work, then dinner chez the outlaw chef, who has the same berfday as me. it's gonna be a goodun.


Blogger Treehouse-Dweller said...

It was great seeing you and your sweetie last night @ the haven!
PS-I was so impressed w stoogeband! Y'all sounded great!

3:59 PM  
Blogger andrew m. said...

Q: What song should you sing to a wildebeest on their birthday?

A: "Happy Birthday To Gnu!"

The happiest of birthday wishes from me to you.

- Andrew

9:07 PM  

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