Saturday, June 26, 2010

6.26.2010, ftw

somehow got a "civilian" weekend again. going to darrin and laura's wedding this evening, and playing a stoogeshow tom'w. this morning i went through all the boxes of cd's but was unable to find the jeff beck boots i wanted to burn for augie r., or the wreck room jam ones i wanted to burn for b-rock. feh. but i did shitcan a bunch of junk cd's i'd never listen to, salvage the cases, and earmark another stack for an hpb run. divestiture is good.

ADDENDUM: found _another_ box of cd's, in which i discovered the two jeff beck bootlegs and a couple of the wreck room jam discs i wanna burn for augie r. and b-rock, so now i have another project for after the weekend.

my sweetie took me to doc's and flying fish for my (early) b-day, and i copped julius hemphill coon bid'ness on arista freedom, billy hart enchance on horizon, jimi at winterland (which got me listening to his music again back in '86; didn't realize ryko had done a vinyl versh), and savoy brown a step further (which brought back memories of what i did instead of going to the watkins glen festival back in '73, when i thought there was going to be a hipi rockfest in upstate noo yawk every year for the rest of my life). not only that, she found a nina simone 2cd comp with _everything_ on it, and a beasties' paul's boutique and a sinead o'connor alb she'll undoubtedly enjoy listening to. hooray!

i'm now older than i ever thought about being, but hopefully not as old as i'm going to get.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Here's to many, many, many more years ahead for you, hopefully all spent with your original hips.

8:22 PM  

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