Saturday, June 19, 2010

6.19.2010, dallas/ftw

another good HIO show, this time at the phoenix project. big marcus got bit on the face by a dog at his wife's boarding kennel after post-gig drinkie-talkie last night, so no 'bone tonight. instead, he played cbg, kalimba, and small instruments. sounded fine -- particularly when he bowed the kalimba and diddley bow. had to jet before the other bands played, since t. horn's leaving for montgomery at some ungodly hour, but got a great like-minded vibe from both doggebi and clear spot, and look forward to doing more shows with them in the future (although i won't be on board for the july 9-10 dates in houston/austin; those will be terry with local cats he knows). always good to see the gonzalez brothers, too; aaron was playing with MFM tonight.

before the gig, terry and i went to a viet joint jessicka from phoenix project recommended -- viet nam on bryan street. had great banh mi bi (shredded pork sammitches with lotsa cilantro, jalapeno, carrot, and rice noodles on a baguette), very tasty and satisfying and only $3.25 a throw.

back home now, listening to jimi's first rays on sweet sweet vinyl with my one true love and cats. life's good.


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