Saturday, June 12, 2010

6.12.2010, ftw

quite a week. tuesday: book release party for my pal josh alan friedman's new "autobiographical novel" black cracker at a gentleman's club in dallas, and i got to meet robert wilonsky, who's awful damn tall for a journo. thursday: bison burgers and HIO drinkie-talkie, including guest appearances by jimmy stewart and carl sagan. (t. horn has audio which i'm hoping he'll post later.) friday: walkies with t. horn, dancing with kids in wheelchairs (and my sweetie) at the jo kelly school prom, HIO lunchie-talkie at lisa's fried chicken, and crate-diggin' at doc's records, followed by a nap. after that: dinner at a salvadoran place down the street from the kessler in oak cliff, and judging two rounds of the southwest shootout 2010 regional poetry slam, which continues tonight at the kess (although i'll be shilling po' 'n' lo' at the market). you should go, however. the quality of the poets is uniformly high, and five or six of the pieces i heard last night knocked me flat on my ass. even if you're not a spoken word fan, i defy you not to be moved by some of these poets' words and presences.


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