Sunday, May 09, 2010

5.8.2010, ftw

a good day. saw my middle daughter graduate from tcu. looks like she's going the distance -- grad school with her eye on a ph.d. it'll be challenging while her husband is serving his active duty commitment after nursing school graduation in december, but i think she realizes now what i've known for a long time: that she can do anything she puts her mind to. i'm very proud of her. taking a day of va-ca on wednesday so we can cook her graduation dinner. and her big sister starts working at the market this week.

i'm doing a phone int with a guy in l.a. at 4am on tuesday. i asked him what time was best for him, and he said 2am. i forgot that it's two hours _later_ there than here. b'deah, i'm an idiot.

lola's palooza with the stoogeband at 8pm tonight. i should go to sleep, but sleep is eluding me, for some reason.


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