Monday, May 31, 2010

5.30.2010, ftw ADDENDUM

had to have a nap before heading out. lately, it seems my sweetie 'n' i have swapped sleep patterns. she wakes up in the middle of the night, while i nod out listening to records until i finally crash around 10p and sleep like a brick until way later 'n usual.

headed out to lola's 6th via calvin 'n' cary's bbq. saw jesse the painter and his sweetie, phil hemsley, and various me-thinks. hated missing china kills girls and skitz o'fuel's sets, but i can't go the distance at these all-day (or long evening) events if we're playing last. the burrito bene was well-attended and raised over a grand for a good cause. kudos to amy kadleck for making it (and the project) happen for the last couple of years.

got my ears pinned back by e.lvis t.ook a.cid (the band formerly known as end this all) who had the slot before the stoogeband. these guys play a balls-out brand of metallic hardcore that's totally ready for prime time and made us work our asses off like nothing since we had to follow the dangits in the stockyards last november. yeah!

drummer philly the kid slams the skins relentlessly, a whirlwind of stick-spinning kick/snare/hi-hat action with phenomenal endurance; they opened with three fastuns with nary a break between 'em. guitarist johnny trashpockets fills every hole in the sound with intricate right-hand-muted picking, chordal thunder, and up-the-neck skree, and to top it all off, has a stage-dominating presence like the title character from predator. up front, brooks holliday tortures his tonsils while spitting out lyrics a lot more literate than your standard punk-rock fare; the lead track to their 2008 cd is a catcher in the rye reference, for chrissakes.

the e.t.a. boyzzz gots shows in ftw on 6.11 (the alamo) and 6.26 (the aardvark), with a tour of colorado in between. better believe the stoogeband will be doing some stuff with them when we return from hiatus in the fall. inspahrd by their example, we hit with an intent to earn our headline slot. we felt juiced enough to play fast 'n' loose with "funhouse" for awhile, and played "tv eye" and "i'm 18" after the setlist ran out just 'cause. ray's pre-show apprehensions about performing sans alcohol (doc's orders) proved unfounded; my man is rockaroll incarnate. jon's drumming is the most focused violence imaginable, hembree explodes out of himself with the sheer joy of playing, richard's guitarissimo adds a '70s hard rock edge that i find indispensable. i love this fucking band. see you in september.


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