Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5.12.2010, ftw

planning a run this morning, then have a long list of tasks in preparation for miss aimee's graduation dinner tonight. i was bragging on her to someone at work when they said something about "you're probably happy to be relieved of the financial burden." i made it clear to them that she did every bit of this by herself -- graduating magna cum laude and getting inducted into phi beta kappa while working at starbucks (to keep her and james' medical insurance) and looking after her sisters, her niece, her mom, etc.

auggie has a morning ritual where he walks around touching things with his front paw -- the bathroom door, the shower curtain, the kitchen wall, me -- as if to claim them.

sometime soon, whenever i have a day off when there's nothing else going on, i'm taking my notebook over to the old wreck room site and i'm going to sit there and write awhile. want to do it before they build some bullshit on the site. for lotsa folks i know, the wreck was just one in a series of spots they inhabited for a time, but as i sat out the '80s guarding freedom's frontier, it looms particularly large in my personal mythology. while i'm grateful to still have spots where my bands can play without having to hustle too hard, playing lola's palooza last weekend made me realize just how gone el wreck realy is.


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