Monday, April 19, 2010

other texas music @ fwcac, 4.30-5.1.2010

HIO is playing the second night of this two-night event at fort worth community arts center (1300 gendy street). shows start at 8:30p and run until 11p. a ten spot gets you in, or $15 for both nights; parking in the adjacent lots goes to $5 on may 1st. here's the full lineup as of now:


Gerald Gabel - recorded electronic work
Tammy Gomez & Ramsey Sprague - spoken word and acoustic guitar
Breaking Light - electric guitar with delay processing
David Bithell - performance work & trumpet improvisation with interactive computer


James Talambas & Paul Thomas - sound & visual art improvisation
Swirve - trumpet, electronics, spoken word, etc
Paul Unger & Max Oepen - acoustic bass and percussion
Hentai Improvising Orchestra - improvised "orchestral" hentai


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